Custom Design

Custom design does not mean costly, or complicated. What it does mean, is that you will get a perfect piece of jewelry, made to your exact specifications for color, length, and materials. Please tell me your wishes in an email, I'd love to discuss your needs.

We have lots of ways to work creatively together, via email, over the phone or in person. A bride once emailed me a screenshot and website link so I could see the style and the color of the gown she selected. I was able to create an elaborate pair of earrings that complimented her wedding dress. Another client mailed me three color pictures from a magazine. I made her a lovely necklace using the colors she had her heart set on. Let me know what you want, and I can suggest patterns, designs, color schemes, and price ranges that will give you an idea of what is possible. If you need something quickly, just let me know, we can work it out.

Custom design is one of my favorite things to do. A whole different kind of creative energy goes into making a piece for a special occasion, or for a special person - you!

Contact me today via my email with any comments or questions. Let's get started!

Color Matching

Something as simple as a few pencils and pieces of paper is enough to get me started. My friend Elizabeth admired my Halo earring designs and asked if I could make several pair for her, to match the colors she is fond of wearing.

As you can see the colors are a soft blue, rather like faded denim, a sage green and several warm tones that remind me of spices, and wheat. I start the design process by selecting the pendant beads for the center of the earring design. Once I've found that I sort through the various sizes and colors of seed beads, all made with glass from either the Czech Republic or Japan, to find several complementary shades and a variety of surface textures.

Not a fan of bold, showy jewelry, Elizabeth asked if I could make the diameter a bit smaller than usual. This design is quite versatile, it can be made round or tear-drop, and was inspired by the popular chandelier style. The lightness of the frame allows me to use color for impact rather than size and can easily be adapted to work with beads of various sizes. Each pair of earrings varies slightly from one another, yet is distinct on its own.

Gift Request

Custom earring design, violet furnace glass, seed bead cluster, Sterling silver

"I sent the earrings I had asked you to make (like a grape cluster - purple-blue) to my cousin as a gift. Here is what she wrote to me after receiving them: "I can't remember receiving anything so beautiful and so totally out of the blue! So far, I've got them by my bed so that I see them when I wake up and go to bed -- a great way to start and end the day!" Needless to say she loves them and I thought you'd enjoy knowing that."

~ Ashley M.